Lower FHA Premiums – (Letter to the Editor -The Washington Post 1/20/15)

Letter to the Editor: On behalf of the Community Home Lenders Association (CHLA), the first national association to call for lower FHA premiums, we write to respond to your editorial. The main beneficiaries of lower premiums are not “bankers and real estate agents” – but the 375,000 renters who were … Continue reading

News Links: FHA to Reduce Annual Premiums – 1/08/15

Mortgage News Daily – Rob Chrisman - January 8, 2015 And we heard from various organizations. “‘The Community Home Lenders Association commends the President for announcing that FHA will be reducing the annual premiums it charges by 50 basis points,’ said Scott Olson, Executive Director of CHLA.  ‘As we noted when … Continue reading