GSEs ramp up risk sharing to mixed reviews – Scotsman Guide 4/19/17

April 19, 2017 The Community Home Lenders Association, representing non-bank lenders, weighed in on the GSEs’ current risk transfer program. “The success of the significant number of back-end risk sharing transactions shows this is a viable and effective way to do this, so CHLA continues to discourage the GSEs from … Continue reading

A GSE risk we can no longer ignore: Do nothing (4/26/17)

This Op-Ed appeared in BankThink (American Banker) on April 26, 2017. By  Scott Olson We are approaching the 10th year of the conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, yet Congress continues to struggle to produce a comprehensive reform bill for the government-sponsored enterprises. GSE reform has stalled as Fannie and Freddie … Continue reading

Community lenders stress possible negative impact on MID in tax reform – Housing Wire 4/12/17

Pens letter with two requests April 12, 2017  by  Brena Swanson From the above-referenced Housing Wire article:  “As the Trump administrations works on hashing out comprehensive tax reform, the Community Home Lenders Association penned a letter to address its serious concerns about the future of the mortgage interest deduction, along with the potential … Continue reading

Mortgage News Daily – Fannie/Freddie Changes – Their Future Remains Uncertain

BY: ROB CHRISMAN Fannie/Freddie Changes–Their Future Remains Uncertain (Excerpt) The CHLA released its version of a comprehensive GSE reform plan. “As the Trump Administration begins to wade into this issue, and Congress is starting to do the same, CHLA wanted to weigh in with a detailed set of recommendations. They focus on key … Continue reading