GSE Reform Returns to Capitol Hill – 12/21/18

December 21, 2018 As reported by Victor Whitman in today’s, the House Financial Services Committee, in its final hearing of 2018, met to listen to industry representatives regarding the Bipartisan Housing Finance Reform Act.  Lobbyists for larger housing and banking trade groups, as well as smaller independent mortgage banks … Continue reading

GSE capital rule is hypothetical, but FHFA gets earful anyway – 11/26/18

November 26, 2018 As reported by Hannah Lang in National Mortgage News, mortgage lenders and consumer groups are making their voices heard as FHFA develops a plan meant to help with the transition if Fannie and Freddie are released from government conservatorship.  CHLA comments. Click Here for full article.   … Continue reading

CHLA Op-Ed: It’s Time for a New Regulatory Paradigm – November 2018

More balanced oversight is required to ensure fair competition in the mortgage industry by Scott Olson, Executive Director, Community Home Lenders Association “…the time has come for a more even-handed approach to mortgage regulation — a new paradigm if you will — that puts the focus on borrowers; bases the … Continue reading

Non-bank lenders have become the largest source of mortgage lending in the country. – The Washington Post 9/21/18

September 21, 2018 As reported by Jonnelle Marte in The Washington Post, non-bank lenders have been increasing their market share due in part to traditional banks scaling back their presence in the mortgage market. “Banks aren’t really making loans to low- to moderate-income families, so non-banks are doing it,” said Scott Olson, executive … Continue reading

Federal control of Fannie and Freddie – What’s Next? – National Mortgage News 9/3/18

September 03 2018 As reported by Hannah Lang on, ten years have passed since the GSEs were placed in “temporary” conservatorship, and long-term GSE reform still seems far-off.  Scott Olson, CHLA executive director, comments on some of the reforms enacted under FHFA, and voices support for the GSEs’ need to hold on … Continue reading

FHFA ends GSE’s expanding role in its single-family rental pilot programs – Nat’l Mortgage News 8/21/18

August 21, 2018 As reported by Elina Tarkazikis on, the Federal Housing Finance Agency is ending its experimental programs expanding the GSEs into the single-family rental market, a move supported by the Community Home Lenders Association. “The Community Home Lenders Association is pleased that FHFA has concluded that GSE financing of large-scale … Continue reading